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The newsletter is a new initiative added to the website to encourage use of the upgraded and improved website, maintain current information on club activities and to act as the club notice board during the closure of the club house.

So far 2020 has been overpowered by the pandemic and its cancellation of "normal" life including our ability to get out and play bowls among other things.

Those of us who remain fit and protected should perhaps spare a thought for the many who have been tragically touched by this disease with all the loss of life and trauma for family and friends, and for the frontline services involved in combatting the pandemic.

Committee Activities

Committee members have been active in support of the club even though play has been suspended until the planned opening on 21st June. To the surprise of some committee members a successful online meeting was held recently using Zoom and more will be held in the future so that management of club activities can continue during the limitations of the pandemic.

The decisions arising out of that meeting have been conveyed to all members in the Presidents recent newsletter. The key items of that meeting are reiterated here for reference as needed.

The Green

The green was looking good at the end of Winter but progress in preparation was slowed when the lockdown restrictions were applied, and play suspended until it is possible to reopen the green for play. To ease costs, the level of preparation was eased to a maintenance level.
Re-laying the ditch mats
Triming the green edges

Club ladies helping to prepare the green for reopening

With the easing of restrictions. it is now possible to play under restricted rules and preparation of the green has been stepped up to allow this to happen. The green will be open by 21st June. The restricted rules are outlined later in this news letter.

We look forward to seeing members getting out and using the green regardless of restrictions.


All Friendly and League Fixtures remain suspended and, at this stage, there is no indication that the schedules will be resurrected. As guidance on the pandemic progresses, this may change, and some clubs have suggested that it may be possible to arrange ad hoc friendlies if the guidance changes. The committee will keep across this and advise members if there is any change.

When the green opens, there will be plenty of opportunity for club members "friendlies" to be played. This in accordance with guidance set out in detail in the recent Presidents communication and provide via the Links page of our website.


The committee is keen for all existing members to retain their membership and interest in the club and have established a reduced fee with incentives to apply from 1st July 2020 to cover the rest of this season. With good weather we may be able to be extended well into September. The scale of fees for full members and social members were advised in the Presidents recent communication and members are encouraged to respond to the Membership Secretary Peter Wallace whose email address is included on the Committee page of the website. Payment can be made by cheque or by online payment to the HBC bank account using the details recently provided in the presidents communication.

Rules for Restricted Play

The club rules are based on the guidance provided by Bowls England to allow the easing of the ban on play and, have been derived as a result of a trial assessment by your committee on how to practically implement the limited rules. They may be subject to adjustment as experience is gained after the green is opened, and in the light of future government guidance on the further easing of restrictions.

The key points are summarized here. To allow members to actively follow the rules. They will be supplemented by appropriate signs at the club to remind all players of their responsibilities.

Members should be aware of the following -
  • The clubhouse is closed except for emergency access to the toilet in accordance with the detailed rules already provided and displayed at the front door. This means no use of the kitchen, bar or access to the notice board. The club website will be constantly updated with all relevant information and should be the first point that members go to for information.

  • The green will be available in 2 hour time slots (12-2pm, 2-4pm, 4-6pm and 6-8pm) and alternate rinks are to used(1, 3, 5 or 2, 4, 6) to ensure social distancing. A rink selection chart will be available.

  • Play can be between members from different family groups up to a maximum of 12 players on the green at any one time playing in singles or pairs (no triples) but must ensure social distancing.

  • Players are to arrive prepared to play or change their footwear on the benches around the green and leave their bags on the benches/chairs around the green.

  • The first player to arrive for play is to open the gate and leave it open. The last person to leave is to clean/sanitize the gate and close it.

  • One player from each group is to be responsible for opening the shed and collecting only essential items for play (Rink numbers, 2 mats, 2 Jacks). The same person is responsible for collection at the end of play and cleaning/sanitizing before storage. The Jack must be placed by using the feet not hands.

  • The last player at the equipment shed is to clean/sanitize the door handle when closing.

  • Play is to be in accordance with the description provided to all members recently.

Members Questions

The whole idea behind the significantly up graded website is to provide members access to a whole range of club information and hopefully, in the near future, a central hub where much of the coordination done via the noticeboard, letters and telephone can be done efficiently and without the need to travel to the club.

In time it could also become a more widely applied site to have some fun, lotteries and trivia could be run as well as featuring useful articles not only from the committee but members as well, this being a forum which can happen without actually meeting. Perhaps we could include a segment that caters for Questions to the Committee.

A lot of effort has been put into the website by the club Web Working Group, with particular emphasis on the effort by Brian Archbold who has built on the foundation created by Seb Welford given us a site of which we can be proud, and from which we could derive much benefit.

For all this to work , it needs to be supported and used by the committee and members. It is recognised that there is a reluctance by many because of being uncertain on how to use the modern systems. Perhaps we can help by organising basic guidance on how to improve our skills in an area of technology which can not be avoided.

Contact us -
Website Working Group:- 07726 407665 or email - Don

Fun Page

To add a different dimension to proceedings Don Gribble has agreed to host the running of a weekly Raffle with prizes as a means of improving club finances. Proposed Raffle details

Don asks that interested members subscribe to cover a set of weekly draws. He will be emailing any revisions to details in the near future so look out for your opportunity to win.

All proceeds will go towards green maintenance costs

In future issues look out for other schemes that Don (or others) may devise to capture your interests, have some fun and raise funds for the club.

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(Images extracted from recommended fun read "What A Load O'Bowls" by Don East)

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